About us

Bringing hope to people…

The organization Stichting Addis Alem Foundation is a Dutch founded NGO. In 2020 it has established an Ethiopian branch in order to carry out their projects in Ethiopia.
“Addis Alem” means “New World” in Amharic and we are using it as our motto for the project to express our vision and aspiration to create a better and new world in which all citizens enjoy a decent, secure and dignified life free from poverty and exclusion. 

The Vision

Our Vision is to see vulnerable and marginalized people of the community getting a chance to develop themselves, as much as possible, as independent people of the Ethiopian society.


The Mission of the organization is to develop different facilities, services and activities, by which the vulnerable and marginalized people can be supported so that they become economic and social sustainable.


Our main Objective is to reduce and eradicate poverty and promote the empowerment of marginalized people in Ethiopia, through targeted interventions and support to poor and vulnerable people.