Great futures are built
with a small charity

With only a small school fee we can make a difference in our next generation.

Make someone’s life
by giving of yours

On a normal week day kids should not be found on the street, but been educated all things they need in the future. We believe that the biggest investment we can make is to let our children learn.

We Listen, We Advice, We Support,

We Work Together

Problems often have multiple causes and require various solutions. In every situation we try to help in several ways. To fulfill the needs one step after another. We help by listening, and carefully put people in the right direction.

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Our beneficiaries tell us

Basket maker, 35 years

“At first my children had to have support for school. Now I can pay for their uniforms and school utilities myself.”

Woodcrafter, 40 years

“I used to live from day to day, surviving hard life on the street. Now I am earning enough money to live and I can think about the future.”

Sewer, 35 years

‘After my husband died, I didn’t know how to survive.
Now I am sewing different products and I am able to send my son to school again. I am proud of the products I make.’

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