Ethiopian New Year with the poorest

The calendar in Ethiopia is different from ours. This is why New Year’s Day is celebrated on ‘our’ September 11 in Ethiopia. A holiday. And because it also became a holiday for 140 poor families.

Together with a number of volunteers and our local team, packages containing oil, flour, yogurt, milk and cheese were distributed, which were sponsored by companies. Chickens were also distributed, allowing families to eat Doro Wot, a traditional dish on holidays, during New Year’s Eve.

The Ethiopian population has embarked on a year full of uncertainties. How will the grain supply go at this time? How are millions of hungry mouths filled, now that harvests are not yielding enough due to extreme drought? Now that all prices are rising and inflation is skyrocketing, how am I supposed to provide my children with clothes and shoes? Do I have to move out of my house if the rent rises further?

These are real questions for more and more people. We try, with your indispensable support, to find answers together with these people. This often involves providing emergency aid, medical care or very limited financial support, but also support in education, job creation, or training.

Above all, however, we fulfill our mission by putting the image in our logo into practice. Reach out your hands to Above, whence comes our Help. Only then can we really distribute what we have received.

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